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Intercont has been given the opportunity to build custom part washers for the "oil field" industry.  
Intercont washers can be built to hold enormous size and weight of gears, shafts, pipes, and fittings.
These washers are designed to  clean the heaviest of sludge and grime and Extend the life of oil drilling equipment.

Take a look below, to see a few of the various units that Intercont has designed for the oil fields...
Intercont Custom Lubircator Tube Washer built for Oil Fields
Lubricator Tube Washer
Intercont Custom Built Lubricator Tube Washer built for Oil Fields
  • Hydraulic Accuated Lid
  • (2)  15 HP Sealess Gusher Brand Pumps
  • (2)  Rosedale Filter Systems per Pump
  • 72 KW - Watlow Brand Heaters
  • Automatic Water Fill
  • Motorized Run Timer
  • Large 18" Disk Style Oil Skimmer

<<Click on our You Tube link to view a video of this washer.

Intercont Custom Built Stainless Steel Frontload 10072 Washer for Oil Fields
SS 10072
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • 100" Turntable Diameter
  • 72" Inside Working Height
  • 10,000 lb Turntable Capacity
  • 7 gauge Tank Construction
  • 950 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • ​Insulated
  • Overhead Crane Access
  • Intermediate Spray Bars
  • (2) 15 hp Gusher Vertical Sealess Pumps
  • (4) Stainless Steel Rosedale Bag Filter Systems
  • 90 kw Heat with (5) 18 kw Watlow Heat Elements
  • Low Water Shut Off
  • Automatic Water Fill
  • Oil Skimmer


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PT 6030 CS-WD (2 STAGE)

  • 460 volt/60 hz/3 ph:
​(features 120 volt control voltage)
  • 289"L  x  108"W  x  72"H
  • Tunnel Opening 60"Wide  x  30" Tall
  • 60" Wide 400 Class Steel Pintle Chain with 1.634 pitch
  • 1,880 Lbs per Lineal Foot: Load Capacity
  • Conveyor: Driven by HD Sprockets on 2.5" dia. Shaft: & Coupled to Gear Reducer Drive System 
  • HD Gear Drive with Variable Speeds
  • Maximum Belt Speed of 2 FPM
  • Features a 7.5 hp  Right Angle AC Gear Motor for High Torque and Weight Loading
Intercont Custom Pass Thru Washer built for Oil Fields
Intercont Pass Thru Built to Wash Large Gears
Intercont Pass Thru
Intercont Custom Pass Thru Washer Built to Wash Lrge Gears for the Oil Fields

FL-120-96-WD (2 STAGE)

Intercont Two Stage Custom Frontload Washer with Double Doors Built for Oil Fields
  • 460 volt/60 hz/3 ph 
​(Features 120 volt control voltage)
  • 165 Full Load Amp Requirements
  • 120" Turntable Diameter
  • 96" Vertical Load Clearance
  • 13,000 Lb. Load Capacity
  • 40 hp Wash-Stage Pump:  
​(700 GPM @ 50 PSI Performance)
  • 72 KW Wash-Stage Solution Heating
  • Approx. 1,000 Gallon Wash Solution
  • 20 hp Blow-Off Stage:
​(3,400 CFM @ 20 PSI Performance)
  • (3)  2 x 1.5 hp Exhaust Fans:
​(2,000 CFM @ 1 PSI Performance)
Intercont Custom Two Stage Frontload 120-96
Intercont Custom Frontload Washer with Double Doors  120-96

Click on our You Tube Link to vew videos of some of our machines.

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